Liquid PVC «Liquid Patch»

Suitable for boats, tents, pools. Damage elimination cannot make an inflatable article better or worse than it was before the repair; it will no way influence puncture and fracture emergence in future.

Seeking for the technology of polymeric tissue article production many producers forget about such an important point as postoperative maintenance. Frankly speaking, they just neglect it.

It was proved long ago that production of any polymeric tissue article presupposes only welding process, since glue is an aggressive polymer which destroys tissue basis when getting under ultraviolet, so it is much more dangerous to use glue as a material for repair of a damaged article.

Our company together with foreign producers of polymeric materials developed an absolutely new product which can eliminate virtually any PVC article damage at the molecular level.

Liquid Patch is PVC in a Liquid State

Liquid Patch is nothing else but PVC in a liquid state, so, this is the material your article is actually made of.

Liquid Patch has a range of benefits due to which your PVC article can be repaired right at home and obtain its original appearance.