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The main peculiarity of our product is that it comes in blister packaging. "Liquid Patch" is a multicomponent agent, which includes more than 14 reagents. Our products are certified in conformity. Besides, our company has a registered patent and trademark. A full list of documents can be found on the official website:

The original product comes exclusively under the Liquid Patch brand. Also, pay attention to the manufacturer's plant. All our products are manufactured in Ukraine.

Отличия упаковки и тюбиков средства «Жидкая Латка» от подделки «ЛАТКА24»

First of all, you should pay attention to the tube, as counterfeit is usually made without blister packaging. The adhesive composition itself is single-component with some dyes.

Counterfeit products are delivered to Ukraine informally, which means they do not go through certification. Such products are produced in Russia at the plants of Rostov-on-Don. There is also no HS code and other documents for the product. Fake glue is inferior in quality, and the absence of documents indicates a possible danger to health and the environment.

Why is “Liquid Patch” better than its counterparts?

This is a versatile tool which is popular because of its numerous benefits, including:

  1. Increased adhesion. Multi-component composition improves surface adhesion strength.
  2. UV resistance. PVC properties make it possible for the product to resist ultraviolet radiation.
  3. High and low temperature resistance. The agent does not lose its elasticity even facing frost; besides, it does not worsen the properties of the product.
  4. Uniqueness of composition. Unlike fake glue, the original product is considered a liquid PVC material. It renews damaged material and resists external damage.
  5. Vulcanization technology. Due to this property, our product can penetrate the base of the product being repaired, which contributes to better adhesion.

The benefits and uniqueness of the “Liquid Patch” product are time-tested!