Basic Liquid Patch Application Recommendations

1. The product does not freeze at relative subzero temperatures, but it is still not worth repairing your product at low temperatures. Ideal Liquid Patch works from + 10 ° C.

2. Application of the second layer (if necessary) of Liquid Patch, on the “fresh” first layer, preferably on a deflated product.

3. After applying the Liquid Patch, the product can be used after 2-4 hours.

4. Degrease the surface to be repaired – this will significantly improve the repair!

5. For the aesthetic side – use electrical tape (masking tape).

PVC and active agents
Is applied for PVC articles (inflatable boats, tents, pools)
Application method:

Degrease the surface that is to be repaired. Shake tube content. Apply Liquid Patch layer on puncture (cut, hermetic sealing) spot.

On cuts over 2 cm, before applying the Liquid Patch, put a reinforcing cord.

Application Recommendations:
It is recommended to repair the article in a well-ventilated place at temperature not lower than +10°C and far from direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool dark place away from children. Do not apply being close to fire. Is volatile. Freezes at -5°C.
Expiry date:
2 years after the date pointed out on a tube.

Application Instruction