Why Liquid Patch?
Money saving

Money saving

Liquid Patch costs much less than repair of PVC articles by their producers.

Time saving

Time saving

Repair takes some minutes.

Easy to buy

Easy to buy

There is a huge dealer network

Wide color range

The color range permits perfectly match the material color with the damaged surface of your article. The material has a range of benefits due to which PVC articles can be repaired right at home.

Болотный цвет Жидкой Латки

Olive Green

Зеленый цвет Жидкой Латки


Красный цвет Жидкой Латки


Желтый цвет Жидкой Латки


Голубой цвет Жидкой Латки


Светло серый цвет Жидкой Латки

Light gray

Белый цвет Жидкой Латки


Черный цвет Жидкой Латки


Филолетовый цвет Жидкой Латки


Темно серый цвет Жидкой Латки

Dark Grey

Liquid Patch Benefits

Liquid Patch has a range of benefits which let make repair of PVC articles maximally qualitative and effective. Repair can be done at home after reading application instructions.

High adhesion level

Eating into the external layer of the surface repaired Liquid Patch creates the strongest tie increasing connection solidity.

Resistant to UV

Unlike various glues, this is initial PVC which is resistant to ultraviolet.


Eats into the basis of the article repaired renovating PVC damaged.


Preserves all the properties of the basic material, your article will easily bend at low freezing temperatures.

Material properties

This is the same PVC material the article repaired is made of, but in a liquid state.

Material characteristics

The material is resistant to scratches, curves, UV. It is flexible and durable. All the characteristics are preserved.