Though this product has wonderful properties, there must be some limits in everything.

Basic recommendations on Liquid Patch application:

1. The product does not freeze at not very low below-zero temperature, but do not still repair your article at low temperatures. Liquid Patch works perfectly at temperature not less than +15°C

2. It is advisable to apply the second layer of Liquid Patch (if necessary) on the first one when the article is deflated.

3. The article can be used in a day after application of Liquid Patch (if your boat has punctures, scratches or some other light damages), but it does not mean that you have to test Liquid Patch to the limit.

In a day your patch is still fresh, and all the chemical processes has not been completed yet. Remember that Liquid Patch becomes maximally hard in 7-10 days, and you will rather damage your boat than Liquid Patch applied.

4. Degrease the surface which is to be repaired, it will improve the effect after repair!

5. For aesthetics use adhesive tape.

Recommendations on Liquid Patch application

Mark the limits you don’t want Liquid Patch to cross

Enjoy your rest saving time with Liquid Patch!