What is “Liquid Patch”?

Liquid Patch is a material which your boat, pool, tent or other PVC article is initially made of.

What Makes Liquid Patch So Special?

This product has a lot of benefits, but we will name them later, and now let us turn our attention to time!

Why Time?

Time is the most precious thing you have! Agree that the season when you can fish is too short. How many of you have experienced apathetic attitude towards repair of your boat? Unfortunately, not all of us remember in winter that we should have a look at our boats, check them or let them inspected.

And this is noone’s fault. This is us, and this is no surprise that the proverb “Repair your cart in December…” exists. But when spring comes, we unfold our “darling” and what do we see? A stitch lets the air out, a mouth gnawed balloons or the boat was pierced during the last fishing. And what do we do? We address the producer of the boat! Since not many of us can repair our boats by themselves.

But even if we can, we do not always have enough space for that! And what does the producer say? “It is the season already…”, “Where have you been earlier…”, “Well, you may bring it here…” Then weeks of calls, talks, and even threats start. But what is the sense of it?

That boat owner is lucky who lives in the same city where the boat was produced. But if not? Boat transfer to the producer and than back. Diagnostics you pay for, and, if you are lucky, your boat will come back to you in a month or two.

There is a question now: how much money, time, and health do all these procedures require?

Liquid Patch: Repair of PVC Article

This is why such a product as Liquid Patch was developed!

Now all you need is one day.

Well, if your boat has very serious damages, you will need just 3-4 days before you will be able to swim in it again!

You get rid of such unnecessary for repair things as: a blow-dryer, patches (which are not always at hand), glue, brush!

You just apply Liquid Patch to the damaged place and wait.

These are additional benefits. And the last and very important one is: affordability!
You don’t need great sums of money for repair. Let us count how much repair of your boat can cost you.

One-way transfer of the boat to its producer costs nearly 120-150 hrn., diagnostics + repair not less than 200-600 hrn. + your time of not being on the water which is priceless!

So, repair will cost you 500-1000 hrn. totally.

And Liquid Patch costs just nearly 100 hrn.

In “Video” section you can observe how many damages can be fixed with the help of just one tube!

This is why one tube will be enough for a season in most cases.

Appreciate your time and save your nerves enjoying fishing!