Your Boat Deflates? This Is Not a Problem Anymore

Nowadays the market of inflatable PVC articles experiences quite hard times. Everything changes including purchasing power.

This is why the question of having such an innovative product as Liquid Patch is especially urgent at this stage of our life.

Now you don’t need to send your boat to the producer at your expense, pay for its repair and for its delivery back. The most important thing is that all this required too much time.

In some cases it took months. After all, not every owner of an inflatable boat can repair his “darling” with his own hands.

He will need for that: glue, a blow-dryer, acetone, a brush, a paddle, and some load to press the patch.

Now you can breathe easy and relax: all you need is a Liquid Patch tube and time!

A Stitch Lets Air Out? Poked a Hole in Your Boat with a Hook? Cut It with a Bottle Piece? A Snag?

Not a big deal! 30 minutes of your work and a day of Liquid Patch work, and you are swimming again!

And what is most important, in a week Liquid Patch reaches its maximum in reaction with the basic boat material and cannot be torn off anymore!

You will rather damage your boat tissue than Liquid Patch itself.

More details here: What is Liquid Patch?